Your content is your company voice

When it comes to your brand, remember that every sentence you put out there is a reflection of not only what your business does—but how you do it.

“Well, DUH” you say? You’d be surprised how little attention is seemingly paid to a lot of the stuff found on too many business websites.

If your content is boring, it gives the impression your company is kinda dull. Not innovative. Behind the times.

And if your copy is poorly written, full of typos and loaded with grammatical goobers, folks may wonder if Bubbles is manning your keyboard.

Are you posting things your customers want to read?

People are busy, so don’t waste their time with yawn-inducing content. If someone visits your site for the first time and finds little benefit in what’s posted there (or is just plain bored), chances are pretty good they won’t come back a second time.

Your content should not only be relevant to your business category, but relevant to the reader. Don’t leave ’em asking “Where’s the beef?”

Are you speaking to one person at a time?

Develop a relationship with that one reader. I’m not saying invite them over for Thanksgiving, but speak TO the reader, not AT them. The more personal your copy, the more personally involved folks will feel when reading it. And that rapport is why they’ll visit your site again (and hopefully often).

Are you being too clever for your own good?

Make sure there’s customer benefit in those snazzy headlines.
 And in the rest of your content, for that matter. Teach them something. Offer some easily-relatable background about your business (without getting “sales-y”). Share thought-provoking ideas that are chock full of real and relevant value.

Is offering too much valuable content “giving away the store?”

Give ’em a reason to keep coming back. If you’re worried that having too much valuable content will detract from sales, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, it’s impossible to create any “give and take” with potential customers if you’re not giving anything they want.

And if they don’t find much of anything worthwhile on your site, chances are pretty good that’ll be their last visit.

Want to cultivate relationships with prospective customers?

The road to increased traffic is paved with smart copywriting. Few tools are more effective than developing resonant, engaging and well-crafted content—and continually keeping it fresh.

Because if you’re not putting quality out there, you won’t get much of anything back.

Need help finding your voice?

Want us to listen to what you’re saying and help tune your brand voice so you start speaking clearly to your current (and future) customers? If you just said “you bet!” give us a shout.